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DAVID BOISCLAIR is an experienced Canadian director. Through his Montreal-based Canadian company, Picture Lock Productions, he is turning bold concepts for more than a decade into acclaimed films, TV and branded content. Backed by critical and commercial success, David is also offering his directing services in Los Angeles with Picture Lock Entertainment. The picture lock stage represents David’s work behind the camera so well. First, it is this exciting moment for which the production has been edited and approved. But most importantly, it is also synonymous of a smooth and cohesive creative process. Picture Lock Entertainment’s motto is to skillfully combine director David Boisclair’s aesthetics and originality with modern production standards.



Because of his bold and unique artistic vision firmly rooted in the mixing of genres, David is a highly esteemed and well recognized director for his achievements in both English and French. He has worked on dozens of sets, either in the control room or on location, for several television networks. An accomplished interdisciplinary, David counts in his filmography close to 500 scripted and unscripted episodes for over 60 productions, ranging from documentaries, comedies and science magazines to reality TV shows, history magazines, youth programs, shorts, musicals and branded content.

The high quality of his work was recognized with two Gemini Award nominations by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. The first nomination, in the category Best Documentary Program or Series was for The Hole in My Head a feature film that he created and directed. The second nomination, in the category Best Digital Production for a Program or Series: Fiction, was for the acclaimed series 19-2, for which he directed 10 episodes for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and 6 episodes for Bravo, Acorn TV and CTV. In addition, David is directing Destination, his original documentary series for Air Canada.


Stanley Kubrick said “If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.” Drawing inspiration from this master filmmaker, David believes that writing, thinking and filming sums up the essence of his passion for his profession.

Director David Boisclair